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Mark Grimaldi

Mark Grimaldi

Award winning abstract painter
Inspired by Jackson Pollock

Mark Grimaldi: Abstract Expressionism

Grimaldi is renowned for his expertise in abstract expressionism, his artistic journey is deeply influenced by the iconic American artist, Jackson Pollock. With a portfolio gracing studios, professional offices, and esteemed private collections, his signature style captivates viewers worldwide.

Traditionally, he wields his creativity on standard artist canvases. However, Covid-19 presented a unique challenge. As the economy faltered and conventional canvases became scarce, he embraced ingenuity, transforming everyday objects into canvases of expression. From hats to sneakers, vintage denim jackets to guitars, and even cars, his art transcends conventional boundaries.

Mastering the “drip” technique over years of dedication, Grimaldi infused his own distinct flair into this iconic method. Seeking innovation, he endeavored to adapt the technique to diverse surfaces, including elevated vertical planes, without revealing traditional “drips.”

Furthermore, he envisioned reimagining the spectrum of objects suitable for this style, enriching each with narrative depth and emotive resonance. Through meticulous experimentation, Grimaldi perfected the fusion of paint type and application method, achieving his envisioned results. Every creation bears the essence of his soul, ensuring each piece is a singular, unparalleled original. Rejecting mass production, he remains committed to the authenticity of his craft, eschewing prints in favor of genuine, intimate artworks.

While Grimaldi selectively undertakes commissions, each endeavor is approached with the utmost care and attention, ensuring the embodiment of his artistic vision in every bespoke creation.

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